DaSH mHealth Ver.3.01 for localize to Japan market

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The DASH® Care Coordination Platform
An increase in popularity of smart devices including iPhones, iPads and Android devices has created a boundless number of opportunities to change costly manual business processes and speed up access to care business intelligence.
DaSH`s homecare mobile solutions, including mobile care apps and mobile phone data collection services, are an inexpensive, effective solution to implementing a mobile strategy for competitive advantage, with the scope to customise both application and reports.

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Health Care Best mobile solution

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The DASH® Care Coordination Platform
The DASH® Data Exchange Hub offers superior flexibility,performance and security in the universal exchange of data.

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Connect doctors to your medical data on any device.

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We mobile technique section of MBI Paris evaluated the performance of SUP2.1 from September.
Potential of Version 2.1 of SUP, extends this a couple of ways. First, it introduces a standalone SDK (Software Developers Kit) as part of SUP that provides even more tools and pre-built components to get rich apps up and running faster. Second, it introduces an OData SDK for developers to more easily create lightweight Web-based apps (think HR approvals like expenses or vacations) that can nevertheless quickly link to SAP server apps using the SAP Gateway.

The latest version of the market-leading Afaria device management platform also now manages billing and deployment of apps from Apple’s new Business-focused App Store, aka the Volume Purchase Program for Businesses. This had been a subtle but omnipresent pain point for IT managers.

There will be more than 50 apps available from SAP and partners by year end, said Nick Brown, senior vice-president for strategy in SAP’s mobile applications unit.
These include the very-impressive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) app aimed at doctors and set for release later this fall.

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MedicalBank fr would be released DaSH Apps for Kindle Fire.

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With so many apps in the world to develop from, we appreciate a solid strategy when it comes to selecting the essentials for medical community.
Since Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is best as a window into today's best media, we've focused our list of must-haves on free apps that help you enjoy that medical related contents.

Now available :
* DaSH Highcare Solution
* DaSH Anatomy
* DaSH Education series

NTT DoCoMo would be released first carrier to offer its Optimus G..

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Pre-orders for the L-01E start tomorrow ahead of it going on sale October 19th, bringing its quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon CPU, 4.7-inch True HD IPS LCD, 13MP camera, Android 4.0 packaged with the waterproofing, DMB tuning and FeLiCa wallet support local buyers will expect.
While we wait for release details in the US on AT&T and Sprint (or another leak of that supposed LG Nexus phone) you can check out the red and black variants rolling out across the Pacific.

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Expectation to in connection with operation room (anesthesia) information system with the hospital nucleus information system.

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DaSH ANA(MBI Paris) is an anesthesia information management system (AIMS) that effectively helps anesthesia care providers manage the large volumes of important data created in the operating room through information collection and clinical documentation during surgery to the Mobile devices. Be able to confirm the information of an operation room and the recovery room anytime by the mobile device.
The easy-to-use the DaSH ANA interface assembles key data within view for a complete overview of a patient's status, while providing efficient information management of the anesthesia care process.
By automating the intraoperative and postoperative recovery anesthesia documentation, Anesthesia Manager provides a more complete, accurate and legible record that enhances accountability and saves both time and money.

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Top 10 Trends in Mobile Medical Technology

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Mobility is perhaps the most important change in computing in the past 50 years. Advances in speed, power, storage, and communications all become that much more important when they're able to be used on the fly. From shrinking computers to powerful smartphones, mobile technology has also had an amazing impact on the medical field, and it's revolutionized the way medical professionals work, from world-class hospitals down to nursing schools. Here are 10 trends in mobile medical technology that are rewriting the rulebooks.

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Innovations in Teledermatology Enabled by Mobile Technology: Methods & Results

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Teledermatology is a rapidly evolving field with increasing use of mobile technology and direct patient-to-specialist encounters. We review a pilot study by Fru"hauf et al., in which the authors found a high acceptance of a mobile teledermatology service among psoriasis patients and their dermatologists. Patient acceptance of mobile teledermatology was high regardless of their health-related quality of life, suggesting that mobile teledermatology could be a valuable tool for home monitoring of psoriasis patients. Future studies with larger sample sizes are necessary to confirm these findings.
Furthermore, new studies need to address questions of patient selection for this form of telehealth delivery, technological limitations, reimbursement considerations and the medical--legal aspect of delivering direct care via mobile technology-enabled platforms.

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